We work with nature,
not against it!


Our Alvor farm is a 19-ha property in the Alvor estuary, in the Algarve southern province of Portugal. It is located 2.6 km from the river mouth and has the capacity to produce 500 tons of seabass and seabream annually in natural salt-water ponds, which are part of the estuary ecosystem, benefiting from the water renovation occurring with each tidal exchange.

Since there is no runoff from intensive agriculture or other industrial land

uses upriver, the water quality in Alvor is excellent—clean and nutrient rich—key in the raising of natural seabass and seabream, which feed on what the tide naturally brings with each water renovation.

Salinity levels, water renovation, biodiversity, nutrition, weather, and other environmental conditions are all ideal for the farming of seabass and seabream, which as wild fish are a part of the estuary ecosystem.


hectares of

productive area


natural, salt-water

estuary ponds


tons of production

per year


water renovation

every day

Alvor Natura 2000 Natural Park

The Ideal Location For Aquaculture

The Alvor farm is a parcel fully licensed for aquaculture inside a bird sanctuary that is part of Natura 2000, the EU network of nature protection areas. The heightened level of environmental protection that comes from being inside the Natura 2000 park ensures the long-term preservation of the environment surrounding the farm, including biodiversity and water quality, both key to the production of natural fish. Effectively, the Natura 2000 designation offers an environmental insurance protection against the biodegradation of the area surrounding our Alvor farm.


We leverage technology to protect the health and wellbeing
of our animals and deliver a natural product

The NaturaFish proprietary farm management system gathers data from each pond allowing our Team to remotely monitor and in some cases control water renovation, oxygen levels, temperature, feeding activity, and pathogens. The system is accessible 24/7 via a proprietary mobile app allowing remote monitoring and management. Automated SMS notifications inform of changes in conditions requiring the attention of a human. E.g., water temperature, water levels, or the suspected presence of pathogens.

Presets direct the system to automatically respond
to changes in conditions in each individual pond
without human intervention. For example, when
oxygen falls below a certain level, the system
fires off the respective oxygen pumps until adequate
levels are restored, at which point the pumps are
automatically shut. The system notifies the team of
the occurrence— the change in conditions as well as
any action taken.

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